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About Game Set Math

GAME-SET-MATH® (GSM) was originally developed for preschool students in 2007. Through research, development and testing in a university setting along with use in early childhood classrooms, the product was expanded to include kindergarten, first grade and beyond.

GAME-SET-MATH was successfully launched at the California Kindergarten Association’s PK1 Conference in Santa Clara, California on January 16, 2016 and we are now excited to bring it to the mass market to offer a high quality, affordable product for everyday use. This GSM product is the first of our educational tools designed for Early Childhood Education.

GSM was created by a husband and wife team of a technology executive and a teacher with a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction who wanted to provide a fun, interactive, hands-on, educational game to help young children get comfortable and confident with early math concepts. This couple shares in the belief of the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and the fact that when children are having fun, they are connected, engaged and want more.

STEM Education

STEM education encourages a curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery and exploratory learning and REQUIRES students to actively engage a situation in order to find a solution. This GSM product directly engages the students in addressing the following important math concepts: number sense, counting, cardinality (number of elements in a set), number relationships, addition and subtraction.

Product Descriptions

  • GAME-SET-MATH is a set of firm, bright yellow washable tennis balls numbered from 0-20 or the Game-Set-Math Extended Edition numbered from 0-30. GSM balls are slightly smaller than regulation sport tennis balls and fit perfectly into small hands. Each set includes a GAME-SET-MATH logo black drawstring bag and instructions for 15 games (each with specific math concepts/educational standards).
    Price per set:
    $30.00 for 0-20 + applicable taxes + shipping & handling
    $40.00 for 0-30 + applicable taxes + shipping & handling
  • GAME-SET-MATH Add On (21-30) is for those customers of our original 0-20 set, this option adds numbers 21-30 to expand your math activities for additional problem-solving and math discovery!
    Price per set:
    $12.00 + applicable taxes + shipping & handling
  • GAME-SET-MATH GO BIG (0-20) is a “limited” edition set consisting of 4 inch foam numbered balls from 0-20 in a large mesh bag and instructions for 15 games (each with specific math concepts/educational standards).  This product is ideal for outdoor play, Physical Education, Pre-schools and Special Education.
    Price per set:
    $75.00 + applicable taxes + shipping & handling

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