• About Game-Set-Math
  • About Game-Set-Math
  • About Game-Set-Math

Early childhood teachers at the 2018 California Kindergarten Conference tell us

this is the best new math product they have seen in years!

  • Fun and innovative new math product
  • Take the number line off the wall and put it in a child’s hand
  • Includes 20 easy-to-follow games
  • Strengthen children’s STEM math skills
  • Encourages critical thinking, problem-solving & teamwork
  • Enhances every math curriculum
  • A bag of bright numbered tennis balls
  • Takes the traditional number line teaching to a whole new level

About Game Set Math

Open the bag and open a child’s mind!
It’s all about a new approach to teaching early childhood math! Your traditional old school number line looks great on your classroom wall but with GAME-SET-MATH® you have numbers at your fingertips throughout the day. This innovative product utilizes numbered tennis balls in an interactive and fun way. Developed in a University setting this proven new product teaches early childhood math more successfully. The bright numbered balls are perfect on the rug, in math centers or for groups ranging from 1 to 30 students.

Whether the student is a visual learner, an auditory learner, a tactile learner or a kinesthetic learner, this hands-on approach encourages problem-solving, discovery and exploratory learning through 20 interactive games (included in each set).

Research tells us that early math success with students results in more confident problem-solvers who perform better during testing and in the classroom. Our responsibility as adults – whether teachers or parents – is to deploy whatever tools are available to us to ensure that the foundation of all children’s early math skills and knowledge is reinforced and strong and thus capable of supporting their continued learning and interest in math.

Math knowledge is a predictor of other learning outcomes including: mathematics, literacy, language development and executive function.